39th Esperanto Studies Conference, 2016

39th Esperanto Studies Conference, 2016 ~ Nitra

Evolution and development of the international language Esperanto: Multiple influences and factors

Location: Slovak University of Agriculture, Nitra, Slovakia
Date: July 28th, 2016
Organisers: Maria Rosaria Spanò and Orlando Raola


(1) Is it necessary to develop Esperanto?
François Lo Jacomo

(2) ‘Lingvo internacia’ or ‘internacia lingvo’?: Some considerations about the original name of Esperanto from a diachronic perspective
Federico Gobbo

(3) Zamenhof’s Yiddish grammar and his Universal Language
Christer Oscar Kiselman

(4) A Jewish ghost in Chinese boxes: The role of Zamenhof’s Jewishness in the history of Esperanto
Maria Rosaria Spanò

(5) Ontology: Its role in the scientific development of Esperanto
Ariadna García Gutiérrez

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