43rd Esperanto Studies Conference, 2021

43rd Esperanto Studies Conference, 2021 ~ Online

Challenges for languages ​​and communication in a virtually connected world

Location: Online, through StreamYard and Zoom, as part of the 2nd Virtual Congress of Esperanto
Date: July 22nd, 2021, from 12:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC
Organisers: Guilherme Fians and Orlando Raola


12:00: Welcome and Introduction
Mark Fettes

12:15: De-Europeanisation of Esperanto through an Altain point of view

12:30: Why are there many adjectives in Esperanto? Comparison with Japanese, Tok Pisin, Dom and other languages
TIDA Syuntaro

12:45: The waves of Esperanto: Propagation in the Brazilian movement
Manuela Burghelea

13:00: Questions and answers; followed by a 30-minute break


14:15: The virtual reality of a speech community: What remains unsaid when communication largely moves from face-to-face to virtual settings?
Guilherme Fians

14:30: Esperantujo, an example of a transnational community
Laetitia Bert

14:45: The international mediation of communist thinking: Social history of the translations of Marx into Esperanto
Javier Alcalde

15:00: Questions and answers

15:50: Concluding remarks; followed by a 30-minute break
Guilherme Fians


16:30: Open debate: Language use, activism and research during the COVID-19 pandemic
All participants

17:50: Closing of the conference
Orlando Raola

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