Esperanto Studies Conferences 1978 - 2014

Esperanto Studies Conferences 1978 - 2014

Our Esperanto Studies Conferences always take place as part of the annual Universal Congress, which is organised by the Universal Esperanto Association.
The photo on the left shows the headquarters in Rotterdam. 

37th Esperanto Studies Conference, 2014 ~ Argentina

General Esperanto studies

Location: Panamericano Hotels & Resort, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: August 31st, 2014
Organisers: Esther Schor and José Antonio Vergara


(1) Is it still possible to do Esperanto linguistics? …or how to define who are the competent speakers who determine the language’s regulations?

Markos Kramer

(2) Zamenhof and the liberalism-communitarism debate

Esther Schor

(3) The Academy of Esperanto in the face of its new tasks

Christer Oscar Kiselman

(4) True or false friends? Lexical (non-)coincidences in the translation between Spanish and Esperanto

Maciej Paweł Jaskot

36th Esperanto Studies Conference, 2013 ~ Iceland

From Esperanto corpus to Icelandic language policies

Location: Harpa Convention Centre and Concert Hall, Reykjavik, Iceland
Date: July 25th, 2013
Organisers: Christer Kiselman and Mélanie Maradan


(1) The context dictionary DeepDict: Corpus lexicography in Esperanto

Eckhard Bick 

(2) About some recent publications in Esperanto Studies

Detlev Blanke 

(3) ‘Postkuri’ is not ‘kuri post’: Esperanto and whole word morphology

Probal Dasgupta

(4) Icelandic language policy, the laws on Icelandic and the tasks of the Icelandic language council

Guðrún Kvaran

(5) Proto-non-nationalism in the East: Japanese ultra-nationalist and Chinese anarchists

USUI Hiroyuki 

(6) Interschool bridge in Interlinguistics: Two reform projects of Esperanto motivated by Interlingua

José Antonio Vergara


35th Esperanto Studies Conference, 2012 ~ Vietnam

Lexicology, phraseology, history, semantics and terminology: Two continents meet in Hanoi

Location: Hotel Meliá, Hanoi, Vietnam
Date: August 2nd, 2012
Organisers: Mélanie Maradan and Christer Kiselman


(1) Esperanticisation of personal names and place names: The case of Vietnam

(2) A deconstruction of Esperanto phraseology
KADOJA Hidenori

(3) The Esperanto movement in Indonesia: Is it something new?
Heidi Goes

(4) How do our thoughts become words? Which semantic model does Esperanto follow?
Ilona Koutny

(5) Eugen Wüster’s principles in Esperanto studies
Mélanie Maradan

34th Esperanto Studies Conference, 2011 ~ Denmark

Pioneers of the International Language

Location: Copenhagen Convention Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
Organiser: Detlev Blanke


(1) Rasmus Rask and Otto Jespersen: Two Danish linguists dear to interlinguistics
Jens Stengard Larsen

(2) Paul Neergaard: Pathologist and Esperanto studies scholar
Christer Oscar Kiselman

(3) Daniele Marignoni (1846-1910), the man who ‘introduced the Esperanto language in Italy’
Davide Astori

(4) Split sentences: Should they be used in Esperanto?
Otto Bernt Prytz

(5) Digital processing of Zamenhof’s Adresaroj
Marek Blahuš

33rd Esperanto Studies Conference, 2010 ~ Cuba

Esperanto: Beginning, present and future

Location: Palco Hotel, Havana, Cuba
Date: July 22nd, 2010
Organiser: Christer Oscar Kiselman


(1) Introduction
Humphrey Tonkin

(2) Esperanto literature through the lens of some language theories and literary concepts
Vilmos Benczik

(3) Organizational structures and the future of Esperanto
Humphrey Tonkin

(4) Esperanto as a bridge language: Croatian examples across two centuries
Spomenka Štimec

(5) Variations of Esperanto initiated by Zamenhof
Christer Oscar Kiselman

(6) Esperanto as an international language in the shadow of English
Amri Wandel

32nd Esperanto Studies Conference, 2009 ~ Polland

The religious and philosophical ideas of Zamenhof: Cultural and social backgrounds

Location: Brozović Hall, Technical University of Bialystok, Bialystok, Poland
Date: 30 July 2009, from 12:00 to 15:45
Organiser: Christer Oscar Kiselman


(1) Introduction
Louis C. Zaleski-Zamenhof

(2) The Jewish background of Zamenhof and Esperanto
Tsvi Sadan (Tsuguya SASAKI)

(3) Zamenhof and Lithuania: Our Jew
Vytautas Silas

(4) Presentation of the book Ĉio komenciĝis ĉe la Verda. Interpreted by Jarosław Parzyszek
Zbigniew Romaniuk

(5) Hillelism and Homaranismo: The religious and philosophical ideas of Zamenhof
Christer Oscar Kiselman

(6) Current problems of Zamenhof studies
Aleksander Korzhenkov


Esperanto Studies Conferences: 1978 ~ 2008

31st Esperanto Studies Conference Rotterdam, Netherlands ~ 2008
Esperanto and other languages: Contrasting linguistic and sociolinguistic aspects
30th Esperanto Studies Conference Yokohama, Japan ~ 2007
Asian contributions to Esperanto studies
29th Esperanto Studies Conference Florence, Italy ~ 2006
Esperanto studies and the Internet
28th Esperanto Studies Conference Vilnius, Lithuania ~ 2005
Linguistic and historical analyses
27th Esperanto Studies Conference Beijing, China ~ 2004
The role of non-European languages ​​in the development of Esperanto
26th Esperanto Studies Conference Gothenburg, Sweden ~ 2003
Research on Esperanto studies: Where to go, and through which ways?
25th Esperanto Studies Conference Fortaleza, Brazil ~ 2002
Esperanto culture: Diversity in unity, unity in diversity
24th Esperanto Studies Conference Zagreb, Croatia ~ 2001
Death, drift, defence, dissemination: Esperanto in the face of the fates and strategies of stateless languages
23rd Esperanto Studies Conference Tel Aviv, Israel ~ 2000
Prescription and description in Esperanto grammar
22nd Esperanto Studies Conference Berlin, Germany ~ 1999
Esperanto studies on the computer: From the keyboard to the screen
21st Esperanto Studies Conference Montpellier, France ~ 1998
Esperanto and scholars: Mutual expectations. What do scholars need from the movement? What does the movement need from scholars?
20th Esperanto Studies Conference Adelaide, Australia ~ 1997
The propedeutic value of Esperanto
19th Esperanto Studies Conference Prague, Czech Republic ~ 1996
Esperanto and culture: Social and linguistic aspects
18th Esperanto Studies Conference Tampere, Finland ~ 1995
Language policy
17th Esperanto Studies Conference Seoul, South Korea ~ 1994
Esperanto from an Asian perspective
16th Esperanto Studies Conference Valencia, Spain ~ 1993
Historiographic aspects of Esperanto
15th Esperanto Studies Conference Vienna, Austria ~ 1992
Esperanto libraries and archives
14th Esperanto Studies Conference Bergen, Norway ~ 1991
Away with improvisation!
13th Esperanto Studies Conference Havana, Cuba ~ 1990
Esperanto and cultural identity
12th Esperanto Studies Conference Brighton, United Kingdom ~ 1989
Four talks on various topics
11th Esperanto Studies Conference Rotterdam, Netherlands
Esperanto studies and general linguistics
10th Esperanto Studies Conference Warsaw, Poland ~ 1987
Four talks on various topics
9th Esperanto Studies Conference Beijing, China ~ 1986
The internationality of Esperanto from a non-European point of view
8th Esperanto Studies Conference Augsburg, Germany ~ 1985
Esperanto studies: The way forward
7th Esperanto Studies Conference Vancouver, Canada ~ 1984
Linguistically around the world
6th Esperanto Studies Conference Budapest, Hungary ~ 1983
Expert lexicon in Esperanto
5th Esperanto Studies Conference Antwerp, Belgium ~ 1982
Language planning in a planned language: Esperanto as an expert language
4th Esperanto Studies Conference Brasilia, Brazil ~ 1981
Three sessions, three talks on various topics
3rd Esperanto Studies Conference Stockholm, Sweden ~ 1980
Three sessions, three talks on various topics
2nd Esperanto Studies Conference Lucerne, Switzerland ~ 1979
Three sessions, four talks on various topics
1st Esperanto Studies Conference Varna, Bulgaria ~ 1978
Three sessions, nine talks on various topics
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