44th Esperanto Studies Conference, 2022

44th Esperanto Studies Conference, 2022 ~ Montreal

CED, 70 years: An overview of the contributions of Esperanto studies to social, political and linguistic scholarly debates

Location: Pavillion DeSève, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Montreal, Canada
Date: 11 August 2022, from 09:00 to 17:00
Organisers: Guilherme Fians and Mark Fettes


Session in honour of the 70th anniversary of CED

09:00: CED, 70 years: Directions, overview, perspectives
Mark Fettes

09:20: How Esperanto studies contribute / can contribute to other subjects
Sabine Fiedler

09:40: Esperanto and linguistics: A brief historical approach and perspectives for the future
Grant Goodall

10:00: The fina venko has arrived!
Jonathan Pool

10:20: Discussion / Questions and answers, followed by a 20-minute break

Theoretical paths to Esperanto studies and Interlinguistics

11:00: Introduction and mediation
Mark Fettes

11:05: Linguistic tropism and interlinguistics
Gabriel Labrie

11:20: Against the exceptionalism of Esperanto (and Esperanto Studies): First steps towards an ethnography of this field of study
Guilherme Fians

11:35: Interlinguistics as an entryway to general linguistics: Experiences from course didactics
Davide Astori

11:50: Discussion / Questions and answers, followed by a one-hour lunch break

History of Esperanto, via linguistics and library science

13:00: Introduction and mediation
Guilherme Fians

13:05: Zamenhof’s Yiddish grammar and his Universal Language. Two projects in the Ashkenazi culture
Christer Oscar Kiselman

13:20: Archives and documents in the Esperanto Museum and Collection for Planned Languages
Bernhard Tuider

13:35: Péraire-digital
Pascal Dubourg Glatigny

13:50: Discussion / Questions and answers, followed by a 30-minute break


15:0:0 Public debate: How do you experience the acceptance (or rejection) of Esperanto as a subject of study in your field of study?
All participants

16:50: Closing of the conference
Guilherme Fians

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