‘Interlinguistics’ is a term that can be defined in several ways. According to one of these, it refers to the science of planned languages. From another perspective, it constitutes a broader field of research on international language communication – that is, how languages ​​are actually used in international contexts, and what that means for language rights and language justice. Both of these points of view are at home on this website, which aims to connect university researchers and teachers with professional interests and occupations on various aspects of interlinguistics, and to inform and educate Esperantists and non-Esperantists on these topics.

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This site is owned and run by CED, the Center for Research and Documentation on World Language Problems, which in 2022 will celebrate its 70th anniversary. The various menu pages correspond to the various branches of CED’s activity.  

The site will gradually become more comprehensive as we add more information on current activity and events and historical documents illustrating CED’s rich and active past; these cover all aspects of interlinguistics as defined above.  Stay up to date on these developments and on the wide range of initiatives  in the field by subscribing to our quarterly Newsletter Information for Interlinguists.

And of course we very much welcome your suggestions and contributions for the website:  CED(ĉe)

An introductory film about Interliguistics
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