Tenu vin


“Perhaps, as the international community becomes more aware of the need to engage civil society as a whole, we can hope that listening to the many voices and #languages of the world will become as important as issuing instructions.” Humphrey Tonkin

Antaŭ 165 jaroj, la 11-an de junio, naskiĝis Antoni Grabowski (1857–1921), pola kemiisto, terminologo, poligloto, volapukisto kaj esperantisto.
Ni proponas al vi relegi lian plej konatan originalan poemon Sur unu kordo, kun enkonduko de A. Korĵenkov.

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La programo de nia 44-a Esperantologia Konferenco jam estas disponebla rete. Ĝis aŭgusto en la UQAM, Montrealo!
The program of our 44th Conference on Esperanto Studies is already available online! See you in August, at the UQAM, Montreal!

My paper "The effect of linguistic proximity on the labour market outcomes of the asylum population", is published in the Journal of Population Economics! Here is the full-text access view-only version: https://rdcu.be/cOV2a
This is my 1st PhD paper and 🧵#EconTwitter 1/7

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